What Can I Eat After Teeth Whitening?

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So you have had your teeth done, and you can’t stop showing off your pearly white smile. You know there are certain foods you can’t eat, but which food and drink can you have without fear of ruining your dazzling smile?  Taking some care now will prevent you from having to have treatment again so soon.

When you use teeth whitening gel, your teeth soften and the enamel becomes porous. It takes around three days for the teeth to harden properly, and in this time your teeth could discolour very easily.


Coffee is a definite no – it is a dark colour and contains tannin which will stain the teeth. Tea is the same. If you absolutely have to have them, let it cool slightly and drink through a straw. It will bypass the teeth and hopefully prevent any stains occurring.  Red wine is an obvious one to avoid – the colour is so strong that it will absorb into your teeth, but most people don’t know that you shouldn’t drink white wine either.  Most fruit juice and flavoured soft drinks contain colourings and you should keep away from them initially.  All fizzy drinks, especially cola, are not going to be a good idea either – not only because of the sugar content, but the colourings.


Again, anything highly coloured will be a problem, like chocolate or beetroot!  Spanish food and Indian food are to be avoided, and lollipops, both candy and ice lollies, have colourings too. Any sauces and marinades may stain your teeth, including any soy sauce or balsamic vinegar based ones.  All citrus fruits can stain so avoid oranges, limes, lemons and berries such as strawberries, cranberries and blueberries.

Good foods

Any high calcium food such as white cheese will be beneficial because it contains lactic acid and prevents decaying.  Any food that produces saliva can help clean your teeth such as firm fruit like apples or vegetables like carrots, celery or cauliflower.

A good rule of thumb is anything which would stain your clothes or carpet will stain your teeth.   Use a straw if you have to have coffee or tea or brush your teeth after eating any foods that are not recommended. For the three days after using teeth whitening gel try and avoid anything that could possibly stain or discolour your teeth again.   Be proud of your white teeth and wide smile!

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