Celebrity Men’s Hairstyles for Inspiration this Season

Men’s hairstyles for a fresh new look

Take inspiration from celebrities for new men’s hairstyles this season.

1.     Organised mess

A style that has become the trademark of celebrities including Robert Pattinson and Ashton Kutcher, this  “just got out of bed” look is effortless and suits many different fashion trends. Have the sides of your hair cut short and chop layers through the fringe, but make sure it’s subtle to retain a laid back look. Style with wax and work through the hair from front to back. Lightly fix with hairspray ahead of a night out.

2.     Classic and swept

This style is sported by George Clooney and is perfect for men who want a smart look. Trim the length of the top of your hair and fringe, but ensure that the fringe is longer than the top of the hair to achieve the iconic ‘swept over’ look. Dry hair with a towel after washing and gently comb the hair to ‘sweep’ to one side. A medium-hold clay product should be lightly applied to perfect this look.

3.     Short and slick

This look has been seen on Douglas Booth and Ryan Gosling. It’s great for something which you don’t have to style and will go with both clean cut and casual fashion. Ensure you go the hairdresser for regular trims and keep the hair looking healthy with regular shampooing, I also recommend matching this look with stubble, which will add extra masculinity to your style.

4.     Mussed up

This is similar to the ‘organised mess’ look, but is even more effortless and laid back. It’s a favourite look of Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr, who both contrast their smart red carpet looks with this hairstyle. Make sure you let your hair grow but keep it healthy with regular conditioning to keep this cool, demure style looking its best.

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5.     Curly hair

This look is back and is becoming increasingly popular, as seen on A-listers including Matthew McConaughey – yet it can be one of the most challenging styles to get right. Make sure you have layers cut into the top of the hair which will add the shape you need for this, and style with a light gel or mousse to separate the curls and keep the hair looking neat. You can also use your fingers to twist around the locks and create extra definition, so make sure you fix this with a hair spray or wax afterwards.

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