About Our Luxury Beauty Products

nuusuite was born years ago when one respected make up artist found it difficult to source professional luxury beauty products online. Now, it has been taken over by an owner that has specialised in beauty products for many years, having access to the beauty secrets that many are denied. The vision was to create a place where everyone with impeccable taste could find the secrets of the beauty industry, could buy the products used by the best professionals to enhance their natural beauty.

The result is our new nuusuite, your secret for everything beauty.

Our luxury beauty product boutique stocks many desirable products that you won’t find on the High Street but more than that, we know that these products truly work. Our team has expanded to include Martina Mercer and together, she and Michael source the best beauty products from all over the world.

As a leading beauty journalist, Martina understands products and has been fortunate to try the very best (and the worst). She knows what results to expect, what attributes to look out for and she is also the best person to identify a product that exceeds all expectations. Only those luxury beauty products that Martina believes are better than anything found on the High Street make it to nuusuite.

From concealers that really do cover in seconds to wonder oils that truly reduce the frizz, Martina is on the lookout for products that do one thing. Enhance your natural beauty. Here at nuusuite we want to make the most of what you have, not cover it in fake lashes and tan. We want products that make it easy for you to leave the house in the morning, that make it a joy to shower and relax, skincare that gives you flawless skin and luxurious scrubs that you can use in the bath.

We want products that make you feel amazing as soon as they’re applied but more than that we want you to be bowled over by the results. We not only want to give you back your natural beauty we also want to give you back some precious time.

With hair that isn’t fly away, frizzy or dull, skin that isn’t blemished or tired, eyes that are bright all day long and hands that feel naturally soft, you’ll find that no matter what time of day or night it is, you’ll feel confident that you exude the best of your natural beauty.

As a great treat for you, nuusuite products also make incredible gifts as they show your friends, family and partners that you truly do believe them to be naturally beautiful.

We’d love you to become part of nuusuite too and are always on the lookout for second opinions as we know that your feedback is the driving force behind providing the best beauty products. That’s why we’ll occasionally send free samples with every purchase and invite you to share your opinion on whether we should stock the product or not. If you work in the beauty industry and know of a product that you can’t find on the High Street but is, in your opinion, worthy of the nuusuite ethos, please do let us know and we’ll do our best to stock it for you.

You are naturally beautiful.

nuusuite brings you the best in natural beauty products from around the globe so you can enhance your beauty, naturally. Our products have been carefully selected to refresh, renew and relax you so you enjoy a thoroughly indulgent experience every time you buy from nuusuite. With luxurious products for hair, face and body, for men and for women, you’ll find it easy to treat yourself to the pampering you deserve. Let your beauty shine through with a little enhancement from nuusuite, you are beautiful, naturally.